Braehead White Shepherds
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Braehead White Shepherds
Greenfield, MA


Explanation of Titles


White Shepherd Conformation Titles

AWSA Ch. - American White Shepherd Assoc. Champion

WSCC Ch. - White Shepherd Club of Canada Champion

WGS Ch. - White German Shepherd Dog Club Int.(WGSDCI) Champion

AWSA Alt Ch. - American White Shepherd Association Altered Champion

OP - Obedience Progeny. Awarded by WSCC

XP - Excellence of Progeny. Awarded by WSCC



The AKC-American Kennel Club (Am) and the CKC-Canadian Kennel Club (Can) are two highly regarded North American dog registries.  Each registry requires 3 qualifying scores in each level of competition before moving up the ladder of difficulty.  Listed below are the Obedience and Performance titles awarded by these two registries in progressive order.



CD - Companion Dog

CDX - Companion Dog Excellent

UD - Utility Dog

UDX - Utility Dog Excellent

OTCH – Obedience Trial Champion




TD - Tracking Dog

TDX - Tracking Dog Excellent

UTD- Urban Tracking Dog



HIC - Herding Instinct Certified / d = ducks

HCT – Herding Capability Tested /s = sheep


NA - Novice Agility

NAJ – Novice Agility Jumpers

OA - Open Agility

OAJ – Open Agility Jumpers

AX – Agility Excellent

AXJ – Agility Excellent Jumpers

MX – Master Excellent

MXJ – Master Excellent Jumpers

MACH – Master Agility Champion


Other Dog-affiliated organizations include USCA - United Schutzhund Club of America;

UKC - United Kennel Club ; NAFA - North American Flyball Association, Therapy Dog International, Temperament Test Association Inc.



BH – Begliethunde (Temperament and Obedience Test)

TR1 – Tracking Test level 1

TR2 – Tracking Test level 2

TR3 – Tracking Test level 3



U-CD – Companion Dog

U-CDX – Companion Dog Excellent

U-UD – Utility Dog



FD - Flyball Dog

FDX - Flyball Dog Excellent

FDM - Flyball Dog Master

FMX – Flyball Master Excellent

FMCH – Flyball Master Champion

ONYX – Achieved 30k points

FGDCH – Grand Champion Achieved 50k points



TDI - Therapy Dog International

TDIA – Active – performing multiple visits per month


Other Titles

TT - Temperament Test Association Inc.

CGC - Canine Good Citizen - AKC


Additional information:

OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals evaluator for Hip & Elbow Dysplasia

OVC - Ontario Veterinary College - Canadian evaluator for Hip & Elbow Dysplasia