Braehead White Shepherds
Welcome to our family album!

As they leave for their forever homes,
our puppies aren't forgotten....
They leave our home but never our hearts!

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Meet Samantha.
Jeff Marks, her owner, came home one day to find that Sammy had used the doggy-door to bring all the outdoor plants, indoors. Surprise!!!!

Below, Samantha takes a well deserved nap after a VERY busy day!

Is he EVER going to play with me?
Annie and Harley decide to find out if they really are self

Maechen says: You told me I wasn't allowed to SIT on the
furniture. Technically THIS is not sitting.
The Milk Bar is now CLOSED!!

Best Friends Forever
The extended Braehead Family
shares family moments
Gentle Giants
See why we're so proud of our
dogs temperament!
Our Seniors
Happy healthy seniors
enjoying full lives!

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