Braehead White Shepherds
Welcome to our family album!

As they leave for their forever homes,
our puppies aren't forgotten....
They leave our home but never our hearts!

Our Seniors
They play a little less, and move a little slower.
They don't always run to meet us at the door when we arrive home
but are willing to play a game of fetch if it makes us happy.

 They take naps on the couches they've never been allowed on,
and we step over them rather than asking them to move.
They've earned our respect and stolen our hearts.

A gentle nudge, a soft paw on our knee and beautiful brown eyes
that say more with a glance than we could speak in a lifetime.
There's something quite special about our seniors.

Photos for the family album should be sent to Susan Ewart. Please use the Contact Us button above.

Greta and Sabre
Gunner   Bailey



Best Friends Forever
The extended Braehead Family
shares family moments
Gentle Giants
See why we're so proud of our
dogs temperament!
Sometimes, dogs will be dogs,
and sometimes....we're lucky enough
to have our cameras ready.