Situated on five acres in Greenfield, MA, we take enormous pride in our breeding program, all of our dogs, and our commitment to preserving this wonderful breed.

Our dogs consistently excel in:

Health, Conformation, Performance, Trainability and Companionship



This is our story......

Braehead was established in 1986 with the purchase of our first white shepherd, KC. Over the next several years, we acquired Queenie, Logan, Sugar, Dancer and Cerie. It wasn’t until 1991, that we would find the pup that grew and developed into an adult that met our criteria, and would be considered our foundation female. Her name was Sabre.

Sabre would live to almost 15 years of age, bringing much sought-after longevity to our line. She had great health, temperament and structure, and never showed signs of slowing down even during her senior years. Two weeks after she celebrated her 11th birthday, she earned her 3rd qualifying score in advanced obedience, and earned her UD (Utility Dog title). The photo appears on her web page.

Choosing a mate for Sabre was an enjoyable journey. Health and temperament were the two most important considerations for a breeding partner. With those factors in the forefront, we decided on a Canadian male, Lyndons Angus. He had never produced a litter, but shared many of Sabre’s best qualities.

The first mating of Sabre and Angus produced Alexis and Annamee.  We were so pleased with their quality that we repeated the breeding, resulting in Boo-Boo Bear and Bailey.  These dogs had tremendous consistency of type, structure and temperament.  They became the backbone of the Braehead program and helped us create the dogs that are easily identifiable as Braehead White Shepherds.

Braehead has striven to develop a uniform line of White Shepherds that excel in sound structure, sound movement, superior health and outstanding temperament, all in keeping with the breed standard. These characteristics are our primary considerations when planning every breeding.

Braehead has paid particular attention to minimizing the health issues that can occur in the German Shepherd Dog. Hip Dysplasia (H.D.) is a disease that can have a profound impact on the quality of life for a dog. To do our best to minimize the risk of H.D., we insist that our breeding pairs have proper hip clearances. We also research closely related dogs to ascertain that this highly desirable quality is present throughout the family. Our dogs' hip ratings are a matter of public record, and I encourage everyone to visit the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals' web site for verification.

Because of our commitment to these breeding objectives, we are founding members of, and participants in the White German Shepherd Genetics Project.  The WSGP website contains a database for reporting genetic traits and health clearances which helps conscientious breeders make informed decisions in their breeding program. This database will help improve the health of our white shepherds in future generations.

What is really special about Braehead White Shepherds is their sterling temperament. Our puppies have the mental characteristics to be the perfect family companion. As adults, they have the stable, sensible personalities that allow them to participate in a multitude of activities. Braehead dogs compete in obedience, agility, rally, conformation, flyball, and herding. They are trackers, baby sitters, and therapy dogs. They are always ready to go, or content to be peaceful foot-warmers at the end of the day.

We consider all owners of Braehead White Shepherds to be part of our extended family. We are thrilled and proud of the joy that our dogs bring to their lives.

Our breeding program takes the best of the dogs of the past to create even better dogs for the future. We take care that appearance, personality and performance are combined in a total package that is a Braehead White Shepherd.
Braehead continues to follow a simply stated goal: “Aiming for Excellence”

We invite you to explore the website and enjoy the photos that illustrate our objectives and achievements.



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