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   Seeya has had a long and successful peroformance career, earning her Canine Good Citizen at 8 months of  age. She has titled in multiple registries, earning her CKC Tracking Dog and Companion Dog titles in New Brunswick Canada.
  In 2007 she passed her American Herding Breed Association Herding Capability Test on sheep.  In the AKC, Seeya has received her Tracking Dog title, Companion Dog Excellant title and her Preferred Excellant Agility titles and was awarded her Versatility Companion Dog 2.
  Her most recent achievement was on December 29, 2013 when she earned her AKC Preferred Agility Excellant and Championship titles. Seeya qualified for the 2014 National Agility  Championship competion held in March in Harrisburg, PA where she finished 9th overall in the Preferred 20" division. Not bad for a 9 year old athlete!!

Seeya earns her CKC CD in July 09


Seeya indicating article                                                  Tracking - Seeya at start flag
Seeya Herding

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