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Our breeding philosophy is focused on producing only from the very best representatives of the White Shepherd. Each pedigree is carefully researched to ensure excellent health, temperament and structure as dictated by the *Breed Standard.  As a result we are pleased to provide a written guarantee on each puppy's health. 

The White Shepherd has a distinct personality marked by direct, but not hostile expression of self-confidence.  It is poised but when the situation demands, it should be eager and alert, ready to serve in any capacity such as companion, watch dog or service dog.   Timidity, shrinking behind the handler, lack of confidence or any other display of poor character or aggression are severe faults.


The temperament of our white shepherds makes us extremely proud.  Countless numbers of our puppy owners remark on their puppy's / dog's temperament.  Our puppies are eager and willing to be that perfect family companion.  If you're looking for a therapy dog, a dog to work in scent discrimination, an obedience competitor, a tracker, an athlete for agility, a baby-sitter, or a potential service dog, a Braehead puppy can be whatever you would like him or her to be.  S/he can be ready at any given moment, or can be a foot-warmer while you unwind at the end of a day.  

Braehead provides an enriched environment for our puppies.  We have not only the luxury of raising our puppies in our home that sits on 5 acres, but are willing and able to make the time to give our puppies a mighty boost toward fulfilling their potential, and your expectations.  From days 3 thru 16, each puppy receives Early Neurological Stimulation.  Studies have proven that puppies that have participated in this program, show a greater resistance to disease, improved cardiovascular system, and a better tolerance to stress, to name a few benefits. 

 By the time our puppies are ready to leave us, each puppy has been exposed to a variety of common household noises, tractors and lawnmowers, power tools, floor surfaces, stairs, car rides, crating and many other positive experiences.  They will also be puppy aptitude tested at day 49 by a qualified tester.

 We spend hundreds of hours observing and monitoring each puppy's personality and energy level.  With this evaluation process in addition to the Puppy Aptitude results, we are able to make an appropriate match for our puppy and the adopting family.  Making a perfect match is the most gratifying part of breeding. 

 We encourage your questions and welcome inquiries about our Braehead puppies and/or breeding program. Contact Us

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Braehead White Shepherds, Greenfield MA

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